Politically pathological behavior of Obama & Co.

They Win, We Lose

April 5, 2012 by 

They Win, We Lose

President Barack Obama and his accomplices have displayed politically pathological behavior lately.

Since I submitted my column The Worst Week Ever,” I’ve found myself musing on the politically pathological behavior displayed of late by President Barack Obama and his accomplices. Not that I don’t recognize Obama’s tenure so far has involved some fairly — ahem — befuddling benchmarks; but, as I suggested Tuesday, the Democrats must be in full panic mode. And their reactions under electoral pressure of their own creation remind me of a drug dealer with two strikes on his record getting popped for selling crack to an 8-year-old.

Of course, to hear liberals tell it, they’re as comfortable as the furniture in one of Warren Buffett’s private planes. If we presume the liberal elite are correct and Obama’s re-election is a foregone conclusion, then we can also fairly presume that his erratic behavior is not born of fear of rapidly declining fortunes. Instead, it is a nationwide dance of liberal celebration.

And what a dance it is! The shockingly violent Occupy rallies, the union thug attacks on the people of Wisconsin (among other places), the incursions against the Bill of Rights and the foreign policy miscues are all steps in an elaborate number that has reached a crescendo in Florida. Down in the Sunshine State, Democratic Party leaders and mouthpieces have descended like a biblical plague of locusts. Spurred on by Obama’s ill-advised remarks about Trayvon Martin, leading lights of liberalism — including the “Reverends” (that means you, Jesse Jackson, and the rest of the usual suspects) — appear to be doing their best to incite a race war.

Meanwhile, Obama has reacted to what he feels were excessively insightful Supreme Court questions regarding Obamacare by edging toward a turf war with the judicial branch. Following Obama’s inappropriately disparaging remarks about the “unelected group of people” on the High Court, the three-judge panel at the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals demanded clarification from the Administration, with the Judges issuing a none-too-subtle reminder of just how far the long arm of the law can reach.

In major cities across the Nation — from the crack dens of Washington, D.C., to the festering swamp of New Orleans and from the smoldering ruin of Detroit to the freak shows in California — the Democrats have established hegemony, crime, poverty and misery as the rule. And the same Democrats who would have us believe Obama is guaranteed four more years in the Oval Office are spreading the same seeds of discord across the fruited plain.

I’ll grant that taking as legitimate the Democrats’ proclaimed confidence requires a greater suspension of disbelief than a North Korean propaganda film. But I’m willing to admit it’s possible Obama and his cronies have deluded themselves into believing that they’re unbeatable. If they really are convinced that victory is assured, then it follows that their bizarre behavior is the planned result of their schemes, and the cities I mentioned before are testament to the long-term effects of repeated Democratic victories.

Ill-conceived economic policies resulting in crushing debt, shocking corruption, virtually apocalyptic urban tableaus, a comprehensive disregard for the Constitution and submissive dealings with our adversaries are the modus operandi of Democrats when they think they’rewinning.

Food for thought: Why is it that in order for Obama and the Democrats to win, everyone else has to lose?

–Ben Crystal


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