Why The Right of Way?

Oh, YES it is!

Everyday we are bombarded with spin and agendas which are insultingly transparent. Evidently, it is assumed that everyone in this country is as gullible as those who elected Barack Obama and that we are giddy with the prospect of becoming a Socialistic/Communistic country.

Political correctness stifles an individual’s “true” freedom of speech by incorporating the fear of being labeled a racist, mean spirited, intolerant, or worse.

Discrimination ( financial ) runs rampant as achievers are slandered and degraded in an effort to even further redistribute their wealth so that the “palms up society” can continue to grow. We have become a nation of 1/2 “makers” and 1/2 “takers”.

Public education can best be summed up with: “never have so many done so little with so much”, while the “quality” of the finished product continues to decrease. So it goes when the true function is indoctrination rather than education.

Movies, television programing, and entertainment as a whole, working under the premise that we are all of the IQ level of a Jerry Springer audience.

Watching as personal responsibility is replaced with excuse after excuse and individuals are empowered to relinquish self restraint and self control and then having to contend with the actions of those individuals.

The Right of Way is a venue that allows one to say “NO”, we are not all the gullible morons that you think we all are. Political correctness will NOT be tolerated here so I’m sure some will consider this a racist, intolerant,and judgmental site. But, those will be the individuals who use those labels in an attempt to silence any who don’t accept their agenda.

Note: This site was NOT founded till AFTER 2 years of Obama’s term. He was given that long to show his “true colors” based on his ACTIONS and he has!

I do NOT take any “marching orders” from a political party nor do I “carry the flag” of any talk show host.

Please note: Rejecting Socialism is not Racism, its Patriotism!

So, tolerate my intolerance.





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